Synchronization – The execution technique (frequently making use of semaphores) in which simultaneously performing multiple computer threads or procedures can properly access and upgrade provided information.

System Catalog – See Catalog.

dining dining Table – an accumulation of closely associated columns. a dining dining table is composed of rows all of which stocks the exact same columns but differ within the line values.

Alternative party computer computer Software – computer computer Software that is certified individually by a party that is third the Product(s) or Documentation.

Thread – just one, sequential execution of a pc system or system part. An application can comprise of 1 or higher threads that are concurrently executing. Where threads that are multiple exactly the same information, some type of synchronization technique has to be used to ensure the info is accessed just by one thread at any given time.

Timeout – happens whenever a lock demand has waited longer compared to the wait that is prescribed for the demand become given.

Transaction Log – A sequential record of all of the database modifications produced by each deal when you look at the purchase these people were released. The deal log is employed to ensure a database conforms to your ACID properties. Deal logs are utilized to reflect or reproduce data to other databases.

Transaction – a collection of logically associated database improvements that is written into the database as a device. The database changes connected with an offered transaction are guaranteed in full by the DBMS to completely be written into the database; in case of a method failure, none are written. Their state for the database both before and after a deal shall be in line with its design.

Transactional File Server (TFS) – An architectural bit of Raima’s RDM system that could be linked in-process with application code or performed individually being a host process. Its duty is always to perform all the database file input and production, serving up database pages to your RDM Runtime collection as requested, controlling read-only deals, and committing all transaction modification logs towards the database.

Transactional Stored Procedure – an adjustment kept procedure where the database modifications produced by the task are encapsulated in its very own transaction.

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Upgrade (of Product) – an item that’s been modified in a minor method, including although not restricted to bug repairs, and it has been furnished to Licensee under this contract. an improvement is represented by something version quantity that increments towards the right for the point that is decimal.

Upgrade (of item) – an item which has been modified in a way that is major and it is released as a fresh form of the merchandise. An Upgrade is represented by an item variation quantity that increments towards the left of this decimal point.

Utilize – Storing, loading, setting up, and/or operating an item, or showing displays produced by an item.

User-defined Function – An application-specific SQL callable scalar or function that is aggregate in C.

User-defined Procedure – An application-specific function written in C and invocable through utilization of the call statement that is SQL.

Vacuuming – Databases that usage MVCC to separate deals from one another want to scan the tables periodically to delete outdated copies of rows. In MVCC, whenever a line is updated or deleted, it is not instantly recycled because there could be active deals that will nevertheless look at version that is old of line. Rather than checking if that may be the instance, that could be quite expensive, old rows are thought to remain appropriate. Database Vacuuming – The process of reclaiming the room is deferred before the dining dining dining table is vacuumed which, with regards to the database, can be initiated immediately or clearly.

Velocis – previous title of the DBMS item, now want Disabled dating site review called RDM Server.

Virtual dining dining Table – An SQL table that is defined through a collection of application-specific C functions that adapt to a specific user interface specification, enabling a non-database databases ( e.g., a tool, etc.) become accessed as though it had been the standard SQL table.

WAN – A Wide Area Network, as contrasted to area that is local (LAN), Normally WAN is the online world. Bandwidth (rate) is really a main difference between neighborhood and wide-area networking.

Wi-Fi – the normal title for standard local-area cordless technology.

XML – Extensible Markup Language. XML documents are a lot utilized in the world wide web’s globally internet but they are additionally utilized in numerous computing contexts in which data has to be provided.

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