Make payments that are online along with your HSBC Debit Card via UnionPay.

You are able to pay money for online acquisitions around the globe, including energy costs, cellular phone bills, credit debt, transport, company trips and charitable contributions.

Apple Pay

HSBC Bank (Asia) Co., Ltd. provides a unique mobile repayment solution for HSBC Asia debit card holders to aid Apple Pay services enabling secure and fast repayments.

Protection tips

Debit card individual protection guidelines.

Relevant services and products

Permier Debit Card

Enjoy a Premier experience with our committed and personalised help.

Build Up

HSBC Asia provides you with a range that is wide of cost savings records and time deposit products, empowering you to definitely accumulate and handle your wide range with simplicity.

HSBC Advance

At HSBC, we would never claim to relax and play a starring role in your successes, but we are here to aid them in almost every means we could.

Techniques to Bank

Banking with HSBC is not hard, whether you are in the home, within the working workplace or on the road. You can expect mobile, phone and online choices, you the best so you can choose which suits.


Do you know the certain functions of an HSBC Debit Card?

The primary RMB settlement account linked to their debit card will be debited in China, cardholders can withdraw cash in RMB at UnionPay ATMs, or make purchases via UnionPay POS terminals, in which case. Cardholders might also withdraw profit RMB from both main and additional RMB reports at HSBC Asia ATMs.

Outside China, cardholders may withdraw money in regional currency at UnionPay (non-HSBC Group) ATMs or buy things via UnionPay POS terminals, in which particular case the RMB that is primary account for this debit card is likely to be debited. Susceptible to regional guidelines, cardholders may withdraw profit regional money from their forex records (if any) associated with their debit cards at HSBC Group ATMs outside Asia. Practical variation in ATMs of various nations may additionally influence the available solutions of HSBC in day-to-day transactions*.

Attention: For offshore HSBC Group ATMs using the UnionPay logo design, the deal will undoubtedly be prepared through the HSBC worldwide ATM system and you will just withdraw money from your own currency that is foreign account. If you wish to withdraw money through overseas HSBC Group ATMs (aside from Taiwan area), please make fully sure your debit card happens to be related to a foreign currency account with adequate available stability.

*Please remember that functions that are available be determined by the particular ATM. For details, please relate to the HSBC Asia Debit Card provider Guide.

Is there a POS investing restriction for HSBC Debit Cards?

An everyday POS investing limitation is placed to your debit card so that you can protect you against prospective threats or losings in situation your card had been lost, taken or utilized in another fraudulent method. Big deals surpassing the limitation limitation shall never be finished. You are able to affect reset or adjust the POS that is daily spending (capped at RMB 1million) considering your debit card usage and attitude to danger. We are going to by default apply a daily POS investing restriction of RMB 50,000 if you do not use to create a limit.

How do I withdraw money through the account we designated?

A debit card could be connected to no more than three records; a primary account, a secondary account and 3rd account (supplementary records).

You can withdraw the local currency of your destination country via UnionPay network ATMs from the RMB primary account linked to your card when you travel overseas. Instead, you’ll withdraw via HSBC ATMs (with or without UnionPay logo) through the forex account associated with your card. To get more details, please relate to HSBC Asia Debit Card provider Guide.

If you wish to withdraw money from your own designated currency that is foreign, please make the following actions to modify your additional account before your departure:

1. Apply to connect the designated forex account to your debit card as the 2nd account. Please select your designated currency that is foreign from the location country.

The additional account would let you withdraw money via HSBC ATMs in several nations as it is the prioritised account for money withdrawal via HSBC ATMs in a few nations eg Canada, British and United States Of America. Far away, it is possible to easily determine which account you’d like to be debited, including your additional or account that is third.

2. To finalise the alteration to your accounts that are supplementary be sure to use your debit card at HSBC China ATMs to accomplish any of the following actions: deals, stability enquiry, money withdrawal and display screen language modification.

Can I replace the records for this debit card?

Should you want to replace the accounts that are supplementary to your debit card, please contact our customer care hotline or check out an HSBC Asia branch face-to-face with legitimate recognition papers and your debit card. The main account connected towards the debit card can’t be changed, consequently we recommend you select your many commonly-used account given that main account, and select other records as supplementary people.

You will need to cancel your card and apply for a new one if you want to change the primary account. To take action, please check out an HSBC Asia branch face-to-face with legitimate identification papers as well as your debit card.

Attention: To finalise the alteration to your supplementary reports, be sure to use your debit card at HSBC China ATMs to accomplish some of the following actions: balance enquiry, money withdrawal and display screen language modification.

Just what can I do if we lose my debit card?

Please contact HSBC Asia instantly.

HSBC 24-hour Premier customer support hotline:

HSBC 24-hour Advance customer care hotline:

Please dial the nation code of mainland China +86 if you’re calling from offshore, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, or Taiwan

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