Elizabeth Keenan left academia in 2014 for a vocation in property and also to consider composing.

3. Don’t take classes with Professor So-and-So because he or she could be the mortal enemy of one’s adviser. Academia is a strange destination,|place that is weird} one in which grown folks have wars of terms within the tradition regarding the Hatfields and McCoys, or possibly the Capulets and Montagues. Like those family-oriented tales of murder and vengeance (and, yes, teenager relationship), educational feuds can inflict wounds on generations of scholars, including early-career graduate students. Within the last ten years and alter, I’ve seen all sorts of feud-oriented actions: teachers who discourage pupils from using courses strongly related their research since the other teacher is an enemy; administrators who intervene by prohibiting warring parties from being in identical space (and therefore adversely impacting pupils who possess both teachers on the dissertation committees); and a significant load of sniping to pupils exactly how Professor So-and-So’s theoretical framework inside the article is defective because he sucks as a human being. Continue reading