NCIS: Are Bishop And Torres Planning To Connect Off Screen?

Warning: spoilers ahead when it comes to episode that is latest of NCIS Season 18 on CBS, called “Unseen modifications.”

NCIS proceeded to help keep Gibbs away from NCIS with “Unseen Improvements,” even in the event he could be seemingly getting nearer to returning to their task, nevertheless the episode may have set the phase for one thing more exciting compared to inevitability of Gibbs’ return: Torres and Bishop setting up. But after they were taken by this episode closer than ever before to clearly addressing their will they/won’t they relationship, we find myself wondering if NCIS will probably connect them up off screen.

“Unseen Improvements” began playing up the chemistry between Torres and Bishop, with Jimmy Palmer having a good time pushing them to possess “The Talk” about relationships on the job at NCIS, and Kasie also got in upon it at one point, although she and Jimmy additionally talked about the numerous alterations in Bishop within the last 12 months. Continue reading