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With a draw bias setting on your driver, you’re looking to get back to square and make impact on the outside middle of the club face for maximum right-to-left effect. However, if you decide to change the face angle on your new driver, open or closed, that also has an impact on measured loft — and not in the way you might suspect. When you open the club face, you’re actually delofting the club at impact, presuming you get it back to square at impact. If you do that, then you’re effectively undoing with your swing what you’ve done in opening the club face.

The face has also been reinforced in such a way to provide a lighter face which can reduce spin and hit more straight shots. The PGX Offset driver is one of the best drivers for amatuer golfer if your main focus is on off-set performance. The build and design are pretty great with its green and white color combination. Some people prefer having a good-looking driver because it can promote confidence in a player and then he is able to perform better than before.

That means you’re effectively hooding the driver head and taking off loft. Ensuring you get golf clubs with the appropriate shaft flex will not only significantly improve your game, but also make your time on the golf course much more enjoyable. Since the very first golf clubs, club makers have considered how much or how little a golf shaft flexes; the golf shaft provides the power that is transferred to the clubhead and, ultimately, to the golf ball. Because the shaft flex directly facilitates this power transfer, your shaft choice can make or break your game. Likewise, it appears that you need a swing speed of 100 mph or more to benefit from a driver with 10 degrees of loft or less.

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The minimalistic design of the driver is also quite appealing to some players and they prefer the look of the driver. Cobra is piriform recuva also one of the leading brands in making some of the best drivers for amateur golfers. The driver has been made out of Titanium and this is their first driver to be CNC precision milled. Cobra has introduced a technology that they proudly call as E9. This tech has allowed them to make the King F8 much thinner than the previous model.

A good driver is the one who is very lightweight without sacrificing performance. They have also put a slot where they are calling as Hammerhead which works as a massive sweet spot for the ball. This allows maximum forgiveness for the golf ball on the entire face of the driver and also helps in getting the longest distance possible.

No matter the method, you have to remember that this is just a bias. Ultimately, you still have to swing the club, and, like with opening and closing the face, impact dictates the effectiveness of your adjustments. If you can’t get back to square, your ball will still go right. If you hit on the heel side of the club, you’ll likely still have a fade.

The finish is also matte which might appeal to several people. You would benefit from this club if you are looking to get piercing ball speed but still aren’t as precise as you would like to be off the tee. The M4 club set is one of the highest regarded and most coveted in golf. The hammerhead slot of the M4 driver is something that we consider very innovative for drivers.

  • Bendix offers a Web portal called SafetyDirect that provides fleet operators with videos of severe events along with feedback on fleet and driver performance.
  • The system wirelessly transmits real-time video data and event-based information for analysis by fleet safety personnel.
  • Some want a more conservative approach with following distance alerts at 3 seconds, 2 seconds and 1 second at highway speeds.
  • The Bendix safety systems can be adjusted to fit a fleet or owner-operator’s need for specific alert strategies.

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What with all that has happened in the first half of this already eventful year, you may not have had as much time as usual to keep up on golf clubs. And if you have been putting off getting that sweet new driver you’ve had your eye on, you are in luck.