Method Participants were accused of molestation and rape – the club began to leave the other players

Several girls told about the rape, harassment and other forms of sexual assault by the Method player under the name Josh and co-founder of the club Sasha Steffens. After that, many employees left the organization – it is assumed that the management knew about the behavior of these individuals, but took no action. Accusations Accusations Steffens date back to 2015. According to several girls, co-founder of Method molested them. Club staff member apologized for one of the incidents, but did not admit guilt in the second case – shortly after that, he closed the pages on social networks. The most serious charge streamer published under the name poopernoodle. She said that Josh raped her and abused her repeatedly, including sexually. Soon after, she called the police, but the investigation came to nothing lead, since she had no direct evidence. The other girls said, Josh often asked them to send him pictures of a sexual nature, despite the fact that at that time they were minors. Most of them were going on about the players because they wanted to focus popular personality. Victims also posted screenshots of correspondences with competitive players. Consequences After these accusations Method announced the termination of work with Josh. The organization has also launched an investigation into the activities of Steffens – he was suspended from work. However, the statement of the club did not suit many employees. More than a dozen players, and content authors announced his departure from the Method. Many of them believe that the leadership was aware of the behavior and Josh Steffens, however, does not deal with the situation in a timely manner. First of all it concerns the situation of cyber – harassment on his part became known in February 2019 from Kotaku investigation. Reporters noticed the strange behavior Josh. According to them, even then, some women accused him of sexual harassment in the network. Thereafter Method allegedly conducted an investigation, but no sanctions for them was not followed, despite the blocking of Josh channel on Twitch. Club representatives also said they did not know about the behavior and Josh Steffens to the recent allegations. Like many others, insider Rod Breslau Slasher Method had caught in a lie – employees of the organization are aware of the situation but did nothing. Earlier allegations of harassment and other forms of sexual violence brought charges against a number of popular figures of eSports. Among these commentators Dota 2 Zyori Andrew Campbell and TobiWan Toby Dawson, caster CS: GO Mohan launders Govindasamy and player Jimmy DeMoN Ho.