Berseem, like many clovers, shows small opposition to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.). This indicates become especially favored by rabbits (361).

Crop Techniques

Versatile oats booster. When you look at the Corn Belt, berseem clover seeded with oats helps diversify corn>soybean rotations, breaks pest rounds and offers some mixture of grain and/or forage harvest, erosion control and N to your corn crop that is following. An additional benefit is in spring (159) that it requires no tillage or herbicide to kill it. Plant 4 bu. oats with 12 lb. berseem/A.

In a four-year Iowa study, planting berseem clover with oats increased profit that is net with oats alone. The clover ended up being baled for forage while the underseeded oats had been harvested for grain. Maybe maybe perhaps Not determined when you look at the benefit had been the 40 to 60 lb. N/A offered into the following corn crop or other soil-improvement advantages. The oats/ berseem mix produced 70 per cent more biomass, increased corn that is subsequent by ten percent and reduced weed competition weighed against per year of oats alone (159).

Pure berseem clover regrowth averaged 1.2 T dry matter/A, that can easily be used as forage or green manure. These choices may help oats become a crop that is economically viable Midwest crop/livestock farms in a time of decreasing federal federal federal government re re payments for corn and soybeans (159, 160). Continue reading


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