I have been good friends with Tom for many years right now and then he not too long ago arrived on to me personally with a birthday party!

Thanks, Sophie, Leeds University.

Seeing a detailed pal is generally high-risk incase it ends poorly, but then having a solid friendship can only help your relationship, not hinder it if you feel confident that you could make a good go of it! At the party, would you not be thinking about him in this way now if he hadn’t come onto you? If your response is ‘no’, next perchance you have to rethink how you feel for him or her. Its clearly quite flattering for someone to prefer you, but then maybe you should just keep it as friends for now, and have a few cheeky kisses at future parties if that was what provoked you thinking this way!

Open or closed, that’s the question!

I’ve been online dating a guy from my personal University period right now so I just suspected we had been unique, yet the different evening he informed me he is been within a number of other times in the last month whilst I’ve been observing him. Demonstrably I can’t end up being upset than i did to him because we were never properly going out, but it just showed he meant more to me. I found myself truly intending points would know more major with him or her but i simply believe they wants an unbarred connection! Continue reading