The setup that is best for camping with water hookups

Over time i’ve create a setup that works well great for me personally as soon as we have actually water hookups at a campground. I’ll show you all of the pieces and components right here and explain whatever they do.

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This list begins during the water source and stops at your RV’s city water connection

  • Y-Adapter
  • Drinking Tap Water Hose
  • Filter
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Hose Elbow


We begin with a Y-Adapter attached to the spigot in the campground. This provides you an additional unregulated pressure that is full for any other uses like black colored tank flushing or linking a sprinkler for the young ones.

Water Hose

Then is just a water hose that is nice. I love the Camco 5/8” inside diameter hose. You need a hose that is certified Lead Free and safe for drinking tap water. Also, you intend to avoid ½” diameter hoses because they will restrict the movement. We keep two 20-foot hoses in my RV for all instances when water connection at a campsite is perhaps all the best way to the front side or right right back.

In-Line Liquid Filter

Some RV’s come have a built-in filter, you can skip this and make sure you have a clean cartridge in your filter if yours does.

i prefer employing a carbon filter since we don’t carry bottled water. A Brita is kept by us Pitcher into the refrigerator for drinking tap water. I personally use the Camco TastePure KDF/Carbon Filter.

Pressure Regulator

A stress regulator is a must-have. Water force at some campgrounds isn’t well controlled and can even be too much for your RV’s plumbing system. Continue reading