Tricks and tips to spice your sex life up. Assist withoutDr Seema also shows partners to manage on their own.

Any couple’s sex-life will get monotonous before long. Sapna Sarfare discovers how to spice your sex life up with a few assistance from Kamasutra

The scariest thing in any couple’s life is the term routine. A couple’s sex-life plays a role that is vital maintaining the connection healthier. Yet, many see their sex life adhere to a routine for diverse reasons. The thing to enhance in a couple’s sex-life is selecting different Kamasutra jobs.

Break that routineDr Sanjay Kumawat, Mumbai-based consultant psychiatrist, seems passion, closeness and closeness to talk about negative and positive things help partners tide over crises together. “In a relationship, it really is entirely normal for monotony to creep to the sex-life. Continue reading