12 Things Married Women Do But Will Never Admit To

At least now you realize you aren’t the just one who checks his e-mail as he’s not around.

I have a confession to help make When my husband Chris is out of city, We have a tendency to work a little. differently.

I’ll wait hours to shower after enjoying a run, lounge across the homely household within my grody work out gear, and eat ice cream straight through the bath tub. We additionally always go to bed in my own comfiest and most pajamas that are unsexya onesie by having a butt flap, thank you very much).

We spend therefore time that is much my A-game when he’s around that it seems a-freaking-mazing to do the complete opposite when I’m left to my personal devices.

Of course, one time he came home early and caught me within the act. I became standing in the kitchen area, eating ice cream having a fork, while working my holey, ’80s-cut operating underwear, a recreations bra, and greasy locks. Continue reading