Just What does a previous white-power activist do after being drummed from the motion?

Meet the spam Nazi

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He turns to peddling penis-enlargement pills.

By Brian McWilliams


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Dave Bridger answers their cellphone having a simple “Yo.” It comes down across as feigned mafia-like toughness. You could scarcely blame him for being edgy whenever the device bands.

In recent weeks, Bridger has published his cellphone quantity in 1000s of junk e-mails sent all around the globe. The spams invite other “real bulkers” to become listed on him in peddling a penis-enlargement product called Pinacle.

“Everybody wants a larger penis, which means this product brings an amount that is massive of . All you do is MAIL, MAIL, MAIL. And gather your payment check,” claim Bridger’s invitations.

For over 3 years, Bridger has deftly balanced the most challenging task of a spammer (or “bulk mailer,” to make use of the word he prefers) offering contact that is enough to make a sale without putting the entire operation at an increased risk.

For Bridger, maintaining a grip on their identity that is own may another challenge. Today when he’s tired or distracted and the cellphone chirps to life, Bridger might even have to pause and ask himself What is my name?

Legally, the person whom passes the title Bridger appears to be Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a previous white-power activist who renounced his birth title, Andrew Britt Greenbaum, in 1996 at the age of 18. But in the late ’90s Hawke also went by the moniker Bo Decker. During the time, he was head for the Knights of Freedom Nationalist Party, one of the fastest growing neo-Nazi groups in the usa, which he later renamed the United states Nationalist Party while a student at Wofford College in sc.

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