This High-risk Tinder Experiment Is Strictly Like ‘Eye Chocolate’ IRL. The questionable task subjected Tinder pervs on tape.

Lindy might possibly be so proud.

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4 weeks back, a YouTube account underneath the name The Tinder Have fun submitted a distressful video clip of two guy, one 31 as well additional 43, achieving with exactly who these people assumed am a 15-year-old lady from Tinder.

In classic “to capture a Predator” type, the girl inside vid isn’t actually 15. She’s 21 IRL and planned to reveal potential pedophiles that search for young girls on Tinder. Two 25-year-old males served this lady in her initiatives, and mass media stories unofficially dubbed the team like the Tinder Vigilantes. These people managed away Melbourne, Australian Continent and claim they have actually filmed a minimum of 10 extra relationships like the people displayed above. Continue reading