Why Must We Hate the Things Teen Girls Love?

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This week, Stephenie Meyer circulated “Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined,” a gender-swapped type of “Twilight” told through the viewpoint of a teen that is human Beau whom falls for a vampire girl called Edythe.

She states the reimagining of her guide ended up being written as a reply to critics whom argue that Twilight’s protagonist is poor, passive and never a good part model for teenager girls.

“I’d had people ask me. if Bella had been way too much a damsel in distress, so at times we stated she ended up being a person in distress,” Meyer told NPR. “this is my capability to actually solidly answer it — that there in fact is no distinction as soon as the individual could be the male.”

Obviously, the world-wide-web had lots to express on the subject, but while “Twilight” fans — most of them teenage girls — expressed excitement over a book that is new a common franchise, many other people mocked them because of it. Continue reading