Dentifies as bisexual by herself, place the troll on blast for perpetuating a harmful stereotype about bisexuality.

This singer gets up on her friends and her community. On Sunday, Halsey tweeted about Miley Cyrus’ breakup, along with her respond to a rude troll shut down a myth about sex along the way. On Twitter, some body blamed the split that is recent Hemsworth and Cyrus in the latter’s sex, calling her “greedy.” Halsey taken care of immediately the comment that is biphobic calling out of the inherent homophobia and sexism within the tweet.

The message that is initial Cyrus for isolating from Hemsworth, writing, ” MileyCyrus splitting and presumably cheating on Liam with a lady confirms that you shouldn t date bi people. Perhaps Not unpleasant, simply real. Bi is greedy and never ever pleased.” Halsey was not having some of the remark, and quickly retweeted to face up for Cyrus. She published:

Hey tigerbob. Doesn t surprise me that ur saying this and ur page has u crying about Brie Larson too! Stop being scared of ladies who aren t afraid to complete exactly what pleases them and never other individuals : ).

Halsey, whom identifies as bisexual by herself, place the troll on blast for perpetuating a harmful stereotype about bisexuality. Continue reading

Throughout her job, Charlize Theron has only publicly dated guys, including Stuart Townsend

Haze told The Independent, “I do not understand if there is like some confirm or reject thing with all the real method relationships work with the news, but everybody else simply calls us close friends, close friends for a lifetime, like mobile we are simply buddies going out. It really is funny. It’s rad in a few means, it sucks in other people . An interracial couple that is gay after all that is simply weird for America at this time. We f k and friends do not f k. ” the connection did not final. Sources told Us Weekly that she and Haze split before Ireland examined into rehab for “emotional traumatization” in 2015.

Charlize Theron

Throughout her profession, Charlize Theron has just publicly dated guys, including Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn, but that does not suggest she’s gotn’t had any same-sex romances behind the scenes. During a July 2017 bout of be wary of what Happens real time with Andy Cohen, Theron admitted to formerly having a intimate relationship with a lady when Cohen asked her the cringe-worthy “Have you ever swam into the lady pond?” concern. “after all, it is simply therefore strange whenever we talk a great deal about this. It must be normalized right now,” the Oscar-winner stated. “When I happened to be young, yes. I’m like if you are young, you are simply sort of checking out all of it, however it had been pretty clear that i must say i liked dudes.”

Though she prefers guys inside her personal life, Theron admitted that after love that is making films, certainly one of her favorite scenes had been with Sofia Boutella in 2017’s Atomic Blonde. “I do not understand whether it’s due to the sex, but i believe with Sofia it had been not that hard simply because we are both dancers. Continue reading