This is exactly what a bisexual/pansexual appears like.Or, every other creative pride motto you’ve got!

Wednesday, September 23.Calling on all bisexuals, all pansexuals, and all sorts of non monosexual queers!

Out Boulder County is proud to commemorate Bi Visibility Day (September 23rd) and we’re calling on all bisexuals, pansexuals, and all sorts of other queers determining between homosexual and directly to share a selfie for the party series.Our photos may beblack and white,but our sexualities are not..To participate in, take a photo of your self holding a pride indication. Your sign can state some of the after:

This is just what a bisexual/pansexual appears like.Or, some other pride that is creative you’ve got!

When you’ve taken your pride selfie, e-mail it to . The gallery that is entire be produced public on Bi Visibility Day (September 23rd), nevertheless the party and sharing of images will start before that time. If you’d like to commemorate only a little early, post your image(s) on social media marketing! Keep scrolling for informative data on bisexuality and resources.

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That are Bisexuals?

Almost five million grownups when you look at the United States identify as bisexual and millions more have sexual or intimate attraction to or experience of individuals of one or more sex. Analysis associated with National Survey of Family development (NSFG) unearthed that 5.5% of females and 2% of males identify as bisexual. Eight per cent of male adult respondents into the nationwide Survey of Family development (NSFG) and almost 20% of feminine respondents stated they certainly were perhaps maybe not drawn and then the sex that is opposite. Continue reading

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Information on tv: A Quantitative Analysis Across Two Seasons


Two yearly content analyses of development through the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 tv periods had been carried out to assess the current presence of habits and spoken communications pertaining to the sex of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Intimate content connected with nonheterosexuals ended up being present in about 15% of programs general; nevertheless, prices of event within episodes had been low. Of 14 genres, just films and porn cams live variety/comedy shows had significant percentages of programs that included nonheterosexual content. Programs on commercial broadcast companies had been less likely to want to have content that is nonheterosexual those on cable sites, particularly those on premium cable film systems. Implications associated with the lack that is continued of to intimate minorities are talked about for both heterosexual and nonheterosexual people.


Intimate content of development on US tv changed considerably considering that the medium was initially created a lot more than 50 years back. At its inception, tv seldom presented intimate themes, and through the very very very early years of tv, subjects such as for example maternity, contraception, as well as other areas of figures’ sex had been considered too responsive to be portrayed or talked about in shows. One theme which has been specially ignored may be the depiction of intimate dilemmas pertaining to gay, lesbian, and individuals that are bisexual. Continue reading