Fitness Singles. Five dating apps which can be simply the worst

Yeah, any app that really encourages one to stalk your date is most likely one thing you need to avoid should you want to have healthier relationship. Having said that, Lulu is not quite since bad since it sounds. First of all, it really works on an opt-in guy that is model—any regarding the application has got to first sign up for the application (guys can monitor their Lulu reviews, though they can’t review other dudes). If, at any right time, they decide they don’t want to be regarding the software, they could just eliminate themselves. The guys you should be worried about…probably aren’t on this app to begin with in other words.

Lulu also keeps it pretty tame giving women a summary of hashtags to choose from—women can’t type in their very own hashtags, so you’re most likely not gonna find any such thing too scandalous. Continue reading