OkCupid Has Identity Crisis. Are we revealing this to exhibit you the way to build a effective login name?

Through the years, I’ve been known as wantsLifeDC, SassyScotchLover, SmartNSassy, and SassClassWhisky. No, these aren’t nicknames i acquired from buddies in university or within my very first work. They certainly were each of my usernames from the site that is dating.

We want that have been the outcome. Sadly, I’m revealing this because, at the time of the beginning of 2018 (as well as for some individuals, these days), OkCupid would be usernames that are removing great. So, if you’re a MusicLoverFromAK, you’ll be known as just Trisha today. Or, if you’re a YogaPatsFan, then you’ll be known as Steve to any extent further. And, needless to say, if you’re Jenetics, as my cousin would be to share her name being a pun on which she does for a full time income, she’ll simply now be Jen, within a water of a million various various various other Jens. As

beloved President (I sure hope sarcasm is released on paper) will say inside a late-night tweet—sad! Continue reading