Good News for Christians about oral sex a€¦ oh and threesomes, masturbation and buggery!

WHILST regaling ourselves reading the remarks on “Birdshit” Green’s on the web petition, we came across this interesting response from Malcolm Stinker (No 1,316):

I will be appalled by some reviews left with this website making down that Christians are a lot of medieval reactionaries keen on sticking our noses into other people’s intercourse lives than in leading good life in Christ ourselves. Christians can and do are now living in today’s society that is diverse having a contemporary mindset to intercourse and sex, as long as it is really not as opposed to your Bible – see the website www.

A coronary, this site might well have done it if Stinker intended giving Green. Simply Take, for instance, its conclusion on “Oral Intercourse in Christ”:

To sum up, we could say that the Scripture supports and also encourages the work of oral intercourse between loving heterosexual partners. Furthermore, the Bible especially encourages fellatio to conclusion (orgasm) aided by the feminine partner consuming or swallowing the ejaculate. This prevents spilling seed, which will be an affront into the Lord, and in addition provides religious advantage to your obtaining partner. Continue reading