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If you get an error message saying your computer has a memory problem or get a random BSOD then you will have to start digging in on how to resolve this. More advanced users may refer to a third-party tool called memtest 86. Memtest runs memory check just like the built-in utility but you need a flash drive to run it. Also, it is not particularly useful in case your PC cannot operate normally.

A RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, is an especially important part of any modern computer, tablet, or smartphone. It stores data that an operating system needs to access quickly to properly run itself and all your games, apps, etc. It is hundreds of times faster than regular hard drives or even the fastest SSDs.

How To Detect Bad Ram With Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

To run a memory test in Windows 10, you need a third-party tool or the one built-in directly into Windows. Since the Windows Vista times, the OS from Microsoft can run a built-in Windows memory diagnostic tool and discover troubles with RAM.

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So if the memory on your Mac system or Linux system is possibly bad, you can easily check using this tool. You get the infamous blue screen of death, but without having added any new hardware or installed any new software. If you’re getting the blue screens and haven’t installed any new drivers or Windows updates, it could be a memory issue causing the blue screen. In previous versions of Windows, the Windows install media included the option to scan your memory modules; if you were unable to boot to the Windows desktop successfully. A third-party utility such as memtest86+ can be used as a substitute. Check out our previous article for instructions how to use memtest86+.

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Running a built-in Windows memory check or diagnosing tool is easy and does not require any advanced knowledge. All you need to know is how to execute Windows 10 RAM check CMD command. If you suspect your computer has some problems with RAM, do not rush to the nearby store to get a pair of new sticks.

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If RAM malfunctions, your computer will cause you lots of headaches. What I like about memtest86 is that it also works with Mac or Linux computers too.

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Net Nanny is one of the cheapest internet filter programs we tested, but still includes the most important protection tools to block dangerous content online. For example, if your kids are allowed online between 6pm and 9pm on school nights, you can set Qustodio to kick them off after an hour or two, controlling overall screen time.


This included the number of filter categories, if websites slipped through the cracks and if the program included a blacklist where we could add specific site URLs to block. Other programs have tools, such as screenshots and social media blocking, that can be used for similar purposes, but these require you to be more proactive for it to be effective.

  • Your graphics card should have a steel bracket that is now resting on top of the back panel of the case and there should be screw holes on both the bracket and the case that now line up.
  • Installing a graphics card is fairly straightforward, but there are a few steps involved.
  • Use the provided screws and screw the graphics card onto that panel.
  • Your motherboard will give you a diagram that shows exactly how they should be installed, though, so as long as you follow it you should have no problems.

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Air-tight security with 128-bit SSL encryption between each remote network connection to central site; Also, SSL over VPN can be configured. SolarWinds’s Integrated Wireless Poller monitors wireless devices for security and other issues and reduces the difficulty in managing these items, allowing more widespread use of wireless technologies. Being huge machines, physical servers occupy both space and power. Further, servers need cooling systems to keep them functioning. However, as the virtualization of servers becomes more popular, companies aren’t focusing much on physical servers. Virtualizing servers helps in reducing time, investment and energy expenditures, and they also reduce the cooling costs of servers. When we tested internet filter software, we looked at exactly what each program blocked.