A William James origin web web page. My account of the fact is practical, and employs the epistemological dualism of typical good sense.

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William James, “this is associated with keyword ‘Truth'”, part 9 when you look at the concept of Truth. Nyc: Longman Green and Co (1911): 217-220.

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This is of Reality

Part 9: this is associated with the Word ‘Truth’ [1]

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Assume we state for you ‘The thing is present’ — is the fact that true or perhaps not? How will you tell?

maybe maybe maybe Not till my declaration is promoting its definition further will it be determined to be real, untrue, or unimportant to truth completely. But if so now you ask ‘what thing ?’ and I answer ‘a table'; in the event that you ask ‘where?’ and I also point out a location; in the event that you ask ‘does it occur materially, or just in imagination ?’ and I also state ‘materially'; if more over we state ‘we imply that work desk,’ after which grasp and shake a table that you see just like We have explained it, you might be prepared to phone my declaration real. However you and I also are commutable right right here; we are able to change locations; and, while you go bail for my work desk, therefore I can get bail for yours.

This concept of a real possibility separate of

(218) either of us, obtained from ordinary personal knowledge, lies in the foot of the pragmatist concept of truth. With a few such truth any declaration, to be counted true, must concur. Continue reading

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