TED Weblog . Leslie Morgan Steiner believed that she’d discovered love that is true her very early 20s.

Rather, she discovered herself hitched to a guy who over and over pointed a gun at her mind and threatened to destroy her.

In today’s brave talk, provided at TEDxRainier, Steiner informs the storyline of exactly how she — a Harvard-educated mag editor switched businesswoman — fell into an relationship that is abusive. She seeks to respond to the relevant concern people constantly inquire about women that are now being abused: how does she remain?

To listen to Steiner’s terrifying story — and exactly how she finally got down by going general public and speaking with everyone else she could in what had been taking place behind closed doors — listen to the effective talk.

Steiner calls the event “crazy love.” Like a number of other gents and ladies experience every year, her relationship began with adoration, managed to move on to isolation, and culminated in extreme manipulation — and violence.

“As it ends up belarus dating etiquette, I’m a tremendously typical abuse that is domestic … Domestic violence takes place to any or all. All events, all religions, all education and income levels,” says Steiner. Continue reading