Could you date a pickup musician? Bing “Adam Lyons” and you’ll realise why Amanda Lyons’ mom ended up being leery of her child dating the man 3 years ago

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July 9, 2010 | 4:37am

“Adam Lyons — the great seducer” blares one headline. “Adam Lyons’ ‘Make out in 60 moments’ video,” states another. “Adam Lyons, PUA [pickup artist] Training.” An such like.

“My mother ended up being like, ‘Who is it man and what are you doing?’ ” says Amanda. “I shared with her, ‘It’s not as bad I promise as it seems.’”

Whenever Amanda, 23, first met the suave Brit in a nightclub in London where she ended up being learning, he had been setting up along with her buddy.

“It had been not really love in the beginning sight!” Amanda admits with fun.

Pickup artists — men who study the skill of setting up and utilize an arsenal of pick-up lines to get with women — weren’t totally a new comer to the pretty Texan. She’d been hit on by lots of dudes whom subscribed to your routines-and-lines technique later chronicled in Neil Strauss’ book “The Game.”

Adam ended up being famous in the united kingdom as a teacher of pickup artistry. Soon after fulfilling Amanda, she was invited by him to come calmly to one of his true classes, to assist away as their feminine associate. Continue reading