Social media marketing is huge in Iceland plus it’s quite funny just how quickly all things are changing along with it.

Where do individuals meet in Iceland?

Oh well, simply all over such as the other countries in the globe we think. But nowadays increasingly more on social networking.

At one point it absolutely was exactly about incorporating on Facebook. Today this might be away, so now you should begin with Instagram. This really is all changing therefore quickly and also to be truthful this solitary woman is having a challenging time checking up on all this.

At pubs, college, work, gymnasium, every-where actually, but often the conversation that is first using put on social media marketing. Really hardly ever will an Icelandic person walk up to some other one and simply ask him/her down. That will probably freak him/her out. The rules change after a drink or four unless it’s at a bar.

Oh and since I’m with this subject, everyone else can ask everybody down. There isn’t any guideline about guys being forced to ask women away, they are doing it equally as much. Since i will be perhaps not an integral part of the LGBTIQ community i will be perhaps not certain exactly how it’s here but i’m confident same goes.

After which there clearly was Tinder – let’s begin a new chapter.

Tinder in Iceland

First, there clearly was Compare hotness, then Hot or Not and today there is certainly Tinder. This superficial weird game that is little captured all of the solitary individuals right here in Iceland. Some that have stated they might never ever play, well, they always end up there one of the ways or any other.

In Iceland, it is maybe not, like We have heard from foreign buddies, played as simply a booty call technique. It’s more a spot to meet up brand new individuals and talk without having been consuming and in actual fact become familiar with somebody. Continue reading