what exactly is the concept regarding the track a lot more like her by Miranda Lambert?

what exactly is that song referring to, i attempt to evaluate the lyrics but i still do not understand, can some please explain it for me as detailed as you’re able to.

Many Thanks ahead of time

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We’d need to disagree, but just slightly. It can appear to be about a man plus the girl he used to date (let’s call her woman 2) and also the woman he is presently dating (let us call her woman 1), but I do not genuinely believe that the narrator associated with track really means she should have been more like the new girl that she thinks.

A number of the lines also make me genuinely believe that that is really a situation of a man making woman 1 for woman 2 after which returning to girl 1 [“You took an opportunity for a bruised and beaten heart. Then you were realized by you desired everything you had.”] I believe the narrator is pointing away that the latest woman is really a bit of the doormat on her behalf man, and if she wanted to [“She don’t have too much to say when she gets mad that she couldn’t have been like that. Continue reading