browse Dawn Cucinotta’s tale about Grace’s life-saving surgery that is colic UF.

Staff and Technicians

Our university and veterinary hospitals are made up of staff, biological boffins and specialists. Our many present spaces can be found on Note: Some jobs could be in associated departments outside our company. Leadership and Management Administrative pro Biological Scientist Veterinary professional i have already been involved in the world of bone tissue biology, as well as in vivo animal models for longer than 25 years. Inside my research profession, we …


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Triumph Story: Equine Choke

Learn about the Quarter that is 30-year-old Horse Bayla, along with her treatment at UF of an ailment called choke. Understand how ethmoid hematomas kind and may be treated from Jimmy the Thoroughbred’s experience in the UF Large Animal Hospital. When an ultrasound unveiled a mass that is uterine Feta the pygmy goat had been hurried to UF for a surgical treatment that saved her life. Coming house to locate your horse down plus in discomfort is a worst nightmare for any horse owner. Browse Dawn Cucinotta’s tale about Grace’s life-saving surgery that is colic UF. Continue reading

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