The passive aggressive behavior is a form of masking driving a car of losing your buddy. It’s easier for the buddy become passive than to confront just what in fact is harming him/her.

3. You stop getting invited to places or gatherings.

You weren’t invited, there may be some jealousy in your friendship if you hear of parties and gatherings that have taken place but. It could be a sign you need to ask what’s going on if you are missing out on events happening in your close circle of friends. The greater amount of time goes on, and things aren’t addressed, the longer the distance becomes in your relationship. The best distance between buddies is a misunderstanding. If you aren’t getting invited, possibly it is time you produce the gathering and ask your friends.

4. Friends and family start rumors being not very true.

This might be a no-no. Real buddies try not to bypass getting back together tales for dramatic results. Continue reading