This Teenage Turned To Reddit About His Smash On A Trans Girl—And Laverne Cox Weighed In

The trans star experienced some smart words to say.

Picture you may be a perplexed young with a big, effusive crush on the classmate, so that you consider the internet—what else can there be?—to anonymously solicit recommendations, while wind up with input from the one and only actor and star Laverne Cox.

Well! That will be exactly the scenario unfolding for starters unnamed 17-year-old right this moment. On Wednesday, a young adult requested Reddit for many dating guidelines: Should they should talk to out a transgender lady at his own class, with who he or she is 1,000 % smitten, haters get cursed?

There does exist a 17yo son on Reddit inquiring suggestions getting question on a trans woman in school. Its completely heartwarming, and in addition he’s a really excellent novelist?

— BDG sum affiliate Eric Francisco (EricFrancisco24) January 24, 2021

“women and Gentlemen of Reddit,” the poster (azure-skies-123) booted away his or her problem in a now-deleted posting (that has been immortalized through @EricTheDragon’s screenshots), “I am unable to even continue to describe how completely and sorely attractive this girl try. Continue reading