In this category, we present articles that investigated the connection between sexting, intimate danger behavior

An investigation assessed effects due to cyberbullying and bullying revealed a relationship between bullying and suicide ideation, however it wasn’t identified relationship between cyberbullying and suicide ideation ( Bannink et al., 2014 ). Nevertheless, it had been pointed out that the adolescent victims of both kinds of bullying presented more suicide ideation. There have been reported distinctions relating to gender. For men, relations between psychological bullying and health or cyberbullying weren’t identified. For women, both cyberbullying and bullying had been connected with psychological state dilemmas. Moreover, more girls offered suicide ideation.

Category 3: danger behavior and Psychosocial vulnerability

In this category, we present articles that investigated the partnership between sexting, sexual danger behavior, and vulnerability that is psychosocial . The outcome suggested that a lot of regarding the individuals during these studies affirmed maybe not participating in sexting or any other online sexual tasks. However, the young adults that has announced participation with one of these methods provided more facets of psychosocial vulnerability, for instance the current usage of substances, low self-confidence, and real and abuse that is sexual. Sexting had been additionally connected with intimate danger behavior, such as for instance non-safe sex and achieving partners that are multiple. Additionally, an important wide range of individuals affirmed they had exchanged messages with that they had practiced sexting before having intercourse with the person. Furthermore, certainly one of its studies noticed that women practice more sexting than guys; older adolescents also sext with an increased regularity than more youthful people . Continue reading