No Strings connected: speaking about the truth of “hook-up culture”

Wearing skin-tight leggings and a low-cut tank top, Amanda* ‘18 tugged at her top to try and mask. But after “hooking up” with a senior kid at a celebration, her ensemble wasn’t the only real choice that made her feel vulnerable and overexposed.

She heard girls that are senior about her during the celebration. Being a sophomore, she had never ever spoken for them prior to.

“People find excuses in order to make girls feel bad about by themselves,” Amanda said. “I 100 % ended up being dressing for some one which wasn’t myself. There clearly was plenty of force to check best for the older people and work out good impressions in the older guys so you. that they would really like”

A 2013 research because of the American Psychological Association defined hookups as brief uncommitted sexual encounters between people that are maybe maybe not romantic partners or dating one another. 61 % of teenage individuals reported an intimate encounter outside a relationship that is dating.

73 per cent of 270 pupils whom taken care of immediately the Chronicle poll said it’s common to hook up with someone without emotional attachments or expectations november.

78 percent of participants stated girls are judged a lot more than guys for setting up with someone, and 65 per cent of feminine respondents said they feel pressured to dress differently at parties. Continue reading