Bisexual people are available in all walks of society, and all around the globe.

Bisexuality does exist. Many of us are drawn to individuals no matter sex. Bisexual individuals are located in all walks of culture, and all around the world. Plenty of urban myths and misconceptions surround it though. Keep reading for a few debunking!

We call this our “Bisexuality FAQ”, you may notice there is maybe maybe not many questions on it. In fact probably the most commonly expected concerns are “Are you certain?” and “Am I?” nevertheless the responses to those are very sexuality that is shortn’t black and white additionally the range between homosexual and directly is not greys. Contemplate it this method instead of grayscale, sex is red and blue. Purple isn’t the brand new red azure, purple could be the brand new purple. And there is more tints besides that between blue and red, there’s orange, yellowish and green first of all!

Bi means two so bisexuality is transphobic

Many people have hung through to the ‘bi’ and protest that sex is not binary. They declare that identifying as bisexual is tantamount to saying trans* individuals do not occur, or you are perhaps maybe not drawn to them, or that you are just into masculine males and feminine ladies. Continue reading