exactly just just How to not ask some body over for the hookup via Grindr

Once we approach Valentine’s Day, now appears nearly as good a period as any to remind everybody to be kind and respectful to other people online.

A Twitter individual has prompted numerous remarks after sharing a Grindr message he received. The person messaging him ended up being welcoming him over for intercourse. But, it had been how a invite had been worded which includes prompted raised eyebrows.

Danny Whitehead (@danielswhi) is dependent in Scunthorpe in England. On the 35-year-old was hanging out with a friend in a hotel sunday. They both received communications through the exact same man on Grindr.

Whenever Danny received an email, he responded, “Oh you had been chatting to my buddy I happened to be sticking with!! He revealed me personally your photos!”

The message he received inturn said, “Yeah you were seen by me on their Instagram web web page. Continue reading