Now proceed with the road north to the Ranger facility Charlie.

You need to head to Wolfhorn Ranch that is to not not even close to the encampment. You ought to get here to help you to utilize it as a hub to explore eastward. Additionally there is the unique cleaver, Chopper, in the ranchhouseYou will satisfy a squad of raiders who are really easy to destroy.

Within a full minute approximately you are going to get to Novac. As soon as at Novac go directly to the dinosaur towards the top and hold back until nightime. Now talk to Boone which help him discover the individual who offered their wife. It really is Jeanie May, and go directly to the motel to break in to her safe. Take the Bill of Sale and speak to Jeanie might to see one thing at the dinosaur. Once she’s in front side for the dinosaur at nightime placed on Boone’s beret and talk to Boone then. What you tell him may have him work with you, nevertheless i will suggest simply showing the balance of purchase.

Now wait here near the top of the dinosaur until daytime. Talk with Manny and simply tell him you shall assist him with Novac’s ghoul issue. Go directly to the Repcon Test website while stopping at a camp a lengthy the way in which. Continue reading